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Safe haven for your baby

Variations on the story have shown up several times over the past weeks: an infant is found abandoned in the street, outside a fire station, in a dumpster. In the most publicized case, the mother left a note begging for help for her child, and confessing to her financial inability to care for the baby.

Overwhelmed by tax season?

We’re just about to the time of year in the US when we start receiving various tax documents, perhaps the largest batch of official paper that we get on a regular basis. It can be hard to keep track of everything that comes in, and there is sometimes a bit of nervousness about making sure

Defending yourself against scammers: 3 easy steps

Most bad guys who want to hurt you have to find and attack you in person. Not so with scammers, who can reach you through mail, phone, social media, and other remote means. They can’t injure you physically, but they can get you somewhere else it really hurts: your savings. When someone scams money away

Reasons you should cook for yourself

In the spirit of living in the present and doing today what shouldn’t wait until tomorrow, one of the areas we sometimes forget to pay attention to is food, both eating but especially cooking. When we’re new to living on our own, or get busy with everything else we have to deal with, it’s easy

Retail therapy!

Retail therapy is definitely a thing. There’s a dopamine hit from shopping that more than a few of us seek out when we’re feeling stressed in one way or another. With online stores, we even have the pleasure of opening gifts to ourselves a day or a week later. The problem, of course, comes when

Spark joy with your wallet

My new motorcycle arrived late last week. When I started this journey in the spring, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to stick with it, and I certainly wasn’t intending on buying a bike this soon. It’s a little more powerful than I was thinking for a first real bike and I definitely

Easy money come, easy money go

Last month, we met SW from ND when they shared a number of safety tips learned from their sex work career but relevant to any of our lives when we decide to start spending intimate time with someone we don’t yet know well. There’s a piece of advice for just you that I held back,

Is it worth the money?

We’ve talked this week about something not worth spending money on, and something maybe worth spending money on. How do you decide what’s actually worth spending your money on? Whether you’re buying a treat or deciding whether a particular necessity really is necessary, there are a number of things to keep in mind to figure

Budget redux

Money money money. It’s the time of year when I start thinking about gathering up all of my tax documents and emerging from post-holiday bill season, so I like to take another look at my budget and make sure I’m on track. I’m sure many of you have your own reminders of when you need

Oh no! A layoff!

Condition Orange Preparedness, who you’ve heard me mention before, is expanding their focus to talk about all sorts of emergencies that a person might need to defend themselves against instead of just those that affect physical personal safety. Brenda Peterson is going to lead their first new offering, and I’m really excited about it because

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