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Dating and self-defense with Caleb Giddings

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in the age of stranger danger. If I didn’t meet someone through a trusted source, then they might kidnap, rape, or kill me.

And yet, in single woman world, we using dating apps and websites all the time to intentionally meet complete strangers from the internet so that we can – if we’re lucky! – get intimate with them. Getting unlucky with internet dating isn’t just a coffee shop date with a (wo)man who doesn’t quite live up to their profile, though. It can also be crossing paths with someone who can hurt you in small ways and large.

So what can you do about it?

After all, by definition, you’re probably about to do something at least not completely smart. With a person you don’t know, perhaps in a setting you’re not familiar with, and quite likely after dark.

Caleb Giddings and I talked about that intersection between personal and protection a few years ago, so this video might be a good watch for you in case you missed it, or in case it’s newly relevant to you again now.

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