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Long weekends, gratitude, and chin-ups

It’s the start of a holiday weekend here in the United States. For many of us, it’s the last breath before we dive into the madness of fall activities, a marathon from now until and through the winter holidays with weekends crammed full of school and other events that have waited for the cooler autumn…packed

On prioritizing safety and self-defense

Time is our most precious commodity. Once it’s gone, we can’t get it back. My friend, John Johnston (Citizens Defense Research), likes to tell students that when he teaches, and it’s both his gratitude for the time you’ve spent in class and a warning to spend your time wisely. It’s connected to that idea of

AMA: Volume 2 – On getting fit and starting BJJ

Physical fitness and Brazilian jiu-jitsu also came up in my AMA, and no surprises there. As one of my followers said, we know fitness is important for self-defense and general health. I’ve talked before about how it can be an important part of being able to stop a bad guy, but also about how being

OHO takes a stand: reproductive health care matters

On Her Own does not, as a rule, take political positions. However, even casual readers can likely see that my priority is enabling women to live the lives that they desire, regardless of whether traditional support structures are behind her. Part of that is self-defense, including armed self-defense, because it is important to be able

Why lunch is important (and it’s not what you think)

I’d like to share with you something I’ve been cooking a lot lately but OHO is not going to become recipe blog, so I’m going to start with the recipe then tell you more about it: Fridge Clean-Out Scramble Omelet-ish Thing-A couple big handfuls of those sad salad greens in the bottom drawer of your

Safe haven for your baby

Variations on the story have shown up several times over the past weeks: an infant is found abandoned in the street, outside a fire station, in a dumpster. In the most publicized case, the mother left a note begging for help for her child, and confessing to her financial inability to care for the baby.

Three things to do before you’re stuck in a hospital

How many of us know someone who has been become so ill or injured that they ended up in the hospital for weeks or months, on perhaps no more notice than a few days? With COVID, more folks have become aware of the possibility this could happen close to home, but that’s not the only

What’s your excuse?

“What’s your excuse?” It’s a question often asked in bad faith, combatively, in a way that is looking for reasons to pick apart the answer. It’s no surprise that it’s also often received with defensiveness, shame, and anger. Whether it’s about self-defense training, exercising, or some other form of taking care of or improving yourself,

Reasons you should cook for yourself

In the spirit of living in the present and doing today what shouldn’t wait until tomorrow, one of the areas we sometimes forget to pay attention to is food, both eating but especially cooking. When we’re new to living on our own, or get busy with everything else we have to deal with, it’s easy

Don’t let it go

How many of you have some sort of niggling health issue? A body part that has been achy or sore, a quietly desperate mental health struggle, a chronic health condition, any or all of which you’ve minimized or shoved aside as much as possible to survive your daily life? I think we all are guilty

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