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Reasons you should cook for yourself

In the spirit of living in the present and doing today what shouldn’t wait until tomorrow, one of the areas we sometimes forget to pay attention to is food, both eating but especially cooking. When we’re new to living on our own, or get busy with everything else we have to deal with, it’s easy

Don’t let it go

How many of you have some sort of niggling health issue? A body part that has been achy or sore, a quietly desperate mental health struggle, a chronic health condition, any or all of which you’ve minimized or shoved aside as much as possible to survive your daily life? I think we all are guilty

When you hate your selfies, do this

When I work out, I occasionally take video. It helps me see what I’m doing, document my performance, and show it to the folks who help train me and encourage my training. The downside comes when I actually watch that video myself. All I can see are the misses in my form, how much more

Moving like an athlete: It’s for you too

We’ve talked about fitness before, and why it’s so important. This past weekend, I was reminded of another aspect that many of us overlook, especially when we live what we perceive as “regular” lives. I spent a couple days with Brandon Powers in his Peak Performance class out of Fireline Training Center (and hosted by

Breaking up is hard to do: Healthcare edition

We talk about advocating for your health quite a bit here, because it’s a first line of defending your body and mind against itself and against some of the people with the most intimate access to us that is possible. The boundaries that are clear with most strangers are much less distinct when it comes

Drug stash management

How many of you are take medication on a regular basis? There are many reasons any of us might be on maintenance drugs that we need to take every day: hormonal birth control, psychiatric medication, antihistamines, statins, asthma inhalers, acid reducers, and more. The benefits of some may be debatable, and others may merely be

Why it matters: working out

In the last thirty hours or so, I’ve gone to a BJJ class, lifted weights twice (and hit a personal record on my back squat by ten pounds!), and had a dry-needling session where I’m finally working on chronic problems instead of acute injuries. It’s a lot of time and I’m pretty tired, because I’m

Therapy: Yes, it’s for you too

Protecting and taking care of yourself doesn’t encompass just the immediate physical concerns that can impact your safety. Before and after those events, there’s another piece I’ve talked about here and there. It’s important to help you avoid certain types of violence and unhealthy situations, to help you survive them when they happen, and to

On living alone and medical emergencies

A reader sent me a story the other day, about a woman who suffered a near-fatal medical event while home alone. Fortunately, she was Facetiming with a friend at the time, and just as fortunately, that friend was able to contact a mutual local friend and a family member so that paramedics could be sent

Spring fitness resolutions

Hey, you know what we haven’t talked about in a while? Staying healthy and in shape, whatever that looks like (what does it look like?). With the spring-like weather that’s in the air in much of the country, I know I can’t be the only one who’s been thinking about putting on some cute summer

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