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Talisman or tool against danger: how do you tell?

Everyday carry, EDC, is exactly what it sounds like: the things you bring with you wherever you go, whenever you go. It’s not exclusive to the gun world but includes at least one tool that’s intended for self-defense. The photos are often presented without context, as an artfully arranged collection of items laid out on

Is something better than nothing for self-defense?

Hey y’all – Apparently, wasp spray is a passionate topic for many of you, based on the response to Wednesday’s post. If you’re new around here because of it, welcome and I hope you stick around! There’s a particular point I mentioned in that post that I want to dig into a little bit more

Don’t use wasp spray for self-defense [updated June 2022]

Using wasp spray for self-defense is a persistent idea and one that has been recommended by all sorts of people, even purported experts. They’re wrong. Wasp spray should not be used for any purpose other than killing annoying, flying, stinging insects like wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets. I’m not saying that because of some idea

Subway active shooter: what you can do

The news cycle moves fast, but one of the big ones this week was the mass shooting in the NYC subway system a few days ago. It was a worst-case scenario in many ways: a busy commute time, a crowded subway car en route between stations, smoke bombs affecting visibility, and a gunman spraying bullets

“But it works for me!”

You’ve all seen at least one person who dismisses criticism of a technique or a piece of equipment because “it works for me.” Some of you, even me, have been that person. In an age when lived experience is an important part of truth, it’s not surprising to run into the position that the individual

The best gun to buy for the woman in your life

On a fairly regular basis, I am asked by various folks for recommendations on what gun to buy for their partner or adult child to use for concealed carry or home defense. Sometimes, it’s because the recipient isn’t terribly interested but the giver wants to get them a gun anyway. Other times, it’s because the

How to learn what you need to learn: Tac-Con 2022 edition

Tomorrow, I leave for the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, also known as Tac-Con. It’s an annual event with a huge variety of classes all related to personal safety and self-defense. For many of us, it’s an opportunity to get a taste of what’s being offered by a number of top instructors in the field, as well

Personal alarms: will they make you safer?

Personal alarms are perennially popular and have been making a comeback as a personal safety device. The idea is that by using a device to make very loud noises, the attacker will be scared off. Perhaps they will want to get away from the disorienting and painful sounds, or they will want to avoid the

Folding knives for self-defense

You or somebody you know probably does or has thought about carrying a knife for self-defense. There are many pros and cons to the idea generally, and I’ve talked about them before here at On Her Own. I’d like to focus today on the particular flavor of folding pocket knives. They are an incredibly popular

On Her Own on InRange TV: Flashbang Bra Holster – What Works and What Doesn’t

I’ve been looking forward to today for quite a while. When Karl from InRangeTV and I decided to start collaborating, my mission was to find self-defense products and techniques, especially those targeted to women, and examine them in-depth to see if they’re legitimate or not. I don’t just look at them and make pronouncements, though.

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