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Kubatons: Part 2

Since the kubaton episode of my series with InRange TV came out last week, there’s been some doubt about whether a simple stick can really be an effective force multiplier when hitting someone with the end of it. To understand why it can be, let’s talk about this style of force multipliers generally and how

On Her Own on InRange TV: Kubatons

It’s time for another InRange TV episode! This time, I’m talking about kubatons, those often grooved, sometimes pointy sticks that you often see sold as or part of “self defense key chains.” They’re super popular, but are they a good idea to carry around and will they actually help you stay safe from bad guys?

Knives for self defense

Knives are a popular suggestion for women’s self defense. They are often recommended because they’re relatively small and light, easy to carry, and apparently simple to use. A girl with a pocket knife doesn’t raise any eyebrows and it’s the rare woman who hasn’t felt safer at some point in her life because she had

Choosing pepper spray: technical details

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of pepper spray, and recommend it often. The modifier that’s often overlooked or misunderstood, though, is “quality.” While bear spray is heavily regulated in the United States, human spray surprisingly is not. It’s not only an industry without enforced standards, it’s one that’s full of white label

On Her Own on InRange TV: Tampons in gunshot wounds

Good morning, InRange TV fans! We have another episode live today, about another self-defense tip that is often offered to or, in this case, around women. It’s not strictly about protecting yourself in the moment of an attack, but about surviving what might happen to us during it. It doesn’t do you any good to

Self defense products: bogus or not?

On Wednesday evening, I was on Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus’s Caucus Live, talking about bogus self defense products. One of the areas of discussion was how you can tell if a self defense product is worth carrying. I want to expand on that topic a little, because I think it’s too complex to really get

Streamlight Wedge

Hey folks – how about a gadget that isn’t full of shame and disappointment? Streamlight recently sent me one of their new Wedge flashlights to evaluate for whether it might be useful for my followers. I didn’t pay for the light, but I also wasn’t required to write any review at all. My opinions, as

Kitty cat self defense keychains

The rule is: don’t read the comments. Sometimes, though, I’m human and can’t resist, or the comments come to me. One of the common questions raised in response to my InRange series is how effective these kitty kat key chains are as a self-defense tool. Mine here are metal and ordered directly from an online

On Her On on InRange TV: Keys in the fist

It’s a new month, a new start, and a new InRangeTV video! In this episode, I explore the common advice of spiking your keys out in your fist so that you can more effectively and painfully hit someone trying to attack you. It’s something I’ve talked about here in an earlier post, but unlike the

“It’s a training issue”

“It’s a training issue.” Every time in the self-defense world that a challenging solution recommended for a problem, or a less than optimal piece of equipment is touted, or we see someone make a mistake in a use of force situation, there are always at least a few people who claim that training is the

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