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On Her Own on InRange TV: Kubatons

It’s time for another InRange TV episode! This time, I’m talking about kubatons, those often grooved, sometimes pointy sticks that you often see sold as or part of “self defense key chains.” They’re super popular, but are they a good idea to carry around and will they actually help you stay safe from bad guys?

Aside from lacking a sharp blade edge, pointy sticks aren’t really very different from knives, which we talked about last week. And many of the same considerations come into play except for one key distinction: kubatons tend to be far more accessible to own and carry around, even completely in the open, because they are cheaper and more socially acceptable. The idea is that you can grab one in your fist and hit someone with it. They are, however, definitely more dull than a purpose-made knife even if they are the pointy kind of kubaton and not the flat-ended type.

Kubatons aren’t only recommended as stabbing implements, though. They’re also sold as a tool for small joint manipulations. In theory, that means that they can be used to apply pressure that mechanically moves or damages parts of the body. It’s part pain compliance, and part control device. Most of you already know my opinion on pain and how you can’t rely on it to make someone stop doing things you don’t want them to do, but you also know I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is known for joint locks, albeit on larger body structures.

Either way, can a self defense tool that sells for just a few dollars actually be effective? Whether you already have one and are trying to decide what to do with it, are trying to decide if you should buy one, or want to know what you should tell your friends who ask you about one…this episode is for you.

PS, if you’re interested in the exact products I used for this episode, you can get them at these affiliate links:
Pointy end kubaton.
Flat end kubaton.
Hair stick totally just for putting up long hair.

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