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Viral safety tip!

There’s a safety tip that’s gone viral in the last few days. You might have seen it, the suggestion that if you get lost and have low to no cell phone signal or battery, you should change your outgoing voicemail message to the time and date, your location, and the troublesome situation you’re in. The

Becoming resilient

On Friday, I wrote about some of the bad and good of martial arts training for self defense. On Saturday, I went to Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, and was reminded of perhaps the most important lesson for survival that engaging in this sort of activity can teach you. See, I went to class utterly exhausted after

The promise of martial arts for self defense

One of the most popular suggestions for someone who wants to start being responsible for her safety is to learn a martial art. It’s an especially common recommendation for young girls who can’t carry weapons due to legal or school policy restrictions, as well as for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to use weapons

You are worth defending

A few weeks ago, I mentioned participating in a BERETTA speaker panel at the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo, as part of the APX A1 Carry launch. If you weren’t there, the panel was recorded and will be available to watch in full tomorrow (I’ll share!). In the meantime, I’m really excited to be able to

Still a beginner, but maybe a little less of one?

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on my motorcycle, between a combination of busy schedules and sketchy weather. Since I’m still so new, and my bike is such a beast, I’ve been wanting to make sure that I’m only riding in good conditions and when I’m feeling up to it. Turns out, that

When the uniform is a lie

I’m thinking today about the trappings of authority, and what our proper response should be when we are faced with them. We are raised, of course, to respect our elders, our betters, the people who have some greater skill or knowledge than us, or some kind of moral or actual power over us – people

It’s you

I have a reminder for you – and me – today: Your reason for being, your reason for surviving, for fighting, for thriving? It can be you. Just you. It doesn’t have to be your family, your children, your career, your faith, your cause, your pets, or even your friends. That’s not to say they

Kubatons: Part 2

Since the kubaton episode of my series with InRange TV came out last week, there’s been some doubt about whether a simple stick can really be an effective force multiplier when hitting someone with the end of it. To understand why it can be, let’s talk about this style of force multipliers generally and how

The grind

Learning a new skill is often inspiring because early improvements come in leaps and bounds. Going from zero to some level of competency may take some work, but the rewards of that initial investment often come relatively quickly. It’s not so much picking up the basics that is usually challenging so much as getting to

Thoughts on airport safety and security

It’s Friday and in the last two weeks, I’ve been in four cities and three time zones. In the next week, I’ll add another city. As much as I love driving, most of that has been by plane, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in airports, which means I’ve been doing a lot

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