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Random street crime: a safety guide

Random street crime seems to be on the rise, at least if you read the news. Whether it’s yet another shooting in Philadelphia, the stabbings in New York City, or the “follow home” robberies in Los Angeles, it seems like there’s always something popping up multiple times a day. Leaving the house can be a

Defending yourself against scammers: 3 easy steps

Most bad guys who want to hurt you have to find and attack you in person. Not so with scammers, who can reach you through mail, phone, social media, and other remote means. They can’t injure you physically, but they can get you somewhere else it really hurts: your savings. When someone scams money away

Self-defense is a human right…but what does that mean?

Self-defense is a human right. I say it often here at On Her Own, but it’s perhaps not always very well defined. It’s the idea that we can stop others from injuring or killing us and it’s nearly universal. What gets complicated is figuring out what someone hurting us looks like, and when hurting them

How to stay safe from mall shootings

The media loves to turn shots fired into an active shooter situation, with all of the implications of that phrase evoking a crazed madman wandering about and firing guns randomly into a crowd. It’s more dramatic that way, and scarier for you as the reader. It makes you wonder if you or a loved one

Lessons from the hunt: A story I tell about myself

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I just filleted off several pairs of duck breasts to marinate before I sear them off for dinner. Not wanting to let the bones go to waste, I tossed them into a pot and turned the burner up on high to let them take on a little bit of color. As

It’s time to train

Time is our most precious resource. It’s the only thing we can’t make more of. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and we can’t go backwards to recover it, or go forward and make more of it. The best we can do is cut down how much time we spend on something, or trade off the

Why we travel

Travel. I talk about it a lot because it’s one of the most common times when a woman might find herself on her own. Whether it’s the short trips across town as we commute or shop or the longer journeys for work or play, even those of us who live with others don’t always have

Birthday giveaway: free book!

For my birthday this year, I’m giving you a free book! Well, I’m going to point you to the Kindle version, which the author is making free for download for five days starting today, and I’m personally going to give out some paper copies. Read on for details… Long-time followers will know that one of

No guns or weapons allowed

How many of you carry some sort of self defense tool or weapon on a regular basis? How many of you ever want to go to places where those things aren’t allowed? Without getting into the politics in play, suffice it to say that there are many places where a visitor isn’t permitted by policy

“If this, then that” self defense

Many physical self-defense strategies fall victim to what I describe as the “if this, then that” fallacy. They assume an attack looks a certain way, can be met by a very specific counter, and then a one or a small handful of outcomes will occur after which the attack will have ended. Many of the

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