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Is something better than nothing for self-defense?

Hey y’all – Apparently, wasp spray is a passionate topic for many of you, based on the response to Wednesday’s post. If you’re new around here because of it, welcome and I hope you stick around! There’s a particular point I mentioned in that post that I want to dig into a little bit more

What true crime teaches us

Are you a true crime fan? No shame if the answer is yes; it’s a cultural phenomenon with websites, media networks, movies, books, and communities all built up around the fascination with the dark side of what humans are capable of. Whether you have morbid curiosity about the things bad guys do, or how their

What would you do?

This picture was captured from a dashcam video sent to me by a friend, documenting an actual recent drive to work. Take a look at it just briefly, as if through a windshield, then scroll back here and read on. Did you see the man on the left? What can you tell me about him?

Do the hard things to make the easy things easier

One of the reasons I got my Honda Grom was to have a motorcycle that was easier to handle, so that I could become more proficient with all of the skills that go into riding while using a lighter, less powerful bike. Learning doesn’t have to be on hard mode, after all. Fighting equipment can

Self-defense resource center

Hey folks! Did you know that I have a Self-Defense Resource Center where I’ve collected videos and articles to get you and the people you care about up to speed quickly on a full spectrum of self-defense options? Looking for OHO greatest hits? Interested in other topics? Let me know what’s missing that you’re always

BJJ and the power of showing up

This weekend marked four years since I formally started my Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey with Precision Jiu-Jitsu, after getting a jump start from Antifragile Training and Armed Dynamics. I’ve talked before about how BJJ can be an effective route to learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and to learning resilience and grit through physical

How to perform a root cause analysis, and why

When something, anything, bad happens, it’s easy to attribute it to the most obvious and direct cause. A car crash because someone ran a red light. A skinned knee because you fell. A broken window because a kid threw a ball. Addressing those causes can be a quick fix. Punish the driver who ran the

How your self-defense strategy will fail

On Monday, I encouraged you to challenge yourself when you train for self-defense. The general idea of learning how to solve problems under pressure so that you are resilient against an attacker is an important one, but sometimes it can be difficult to imagine exactly what kinds of issues might come up. Today, we’ll explore

Why you need to prepare to fail

For most of us, preparing for self-defense starts with imagining a particular type of bad guy and attack, and continues with visualizing a specific outcome that we want. It can be as simple as anticipating a nasty remark our nemesis might toss our way one morning and planning the witty and cutting reply we’ll spit

Training facility amenities: why they matter

Self-defense skills can be challenging to learn. They can be emotionally complex to process and physically difficult to master. We’ve talked here before about ensuring that the people you’re surrounding yourself with in training will help your efforts, and making the effort to use equipment that you don’t have to struggle against. There’s another piece

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