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The promise of martial arts for self defense

One of the most popular suggestions for someone who wants to start being responsible for her safety is to learn a martial art. It’s an especially common recommendation for young girls who can’t carry weapons due to legal or school policy restrictions, as well as for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to use weapons

Still a beginner, but maybe a little less of one?

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on my motorcycle, between a combination of busy schedules and sketchy weather. Since I’m still so new, and my bike is such a beast, I’ve been wanting to make sure that I’m only riding in good conditions and when I’m feeling up to it. Turns out, that

The grind

Learning a new skill is often inspiring because early improvements come in leaps and bounds. Going from zero to some level of competency may take some work, but the rewards of that initial investment often come relatively quickly. It’s not so much picking up the basics that is usually challenging so much as getting to

Dedication > Motivation

Motivation is a popular topic for inspirational social media posts. Quotes and memes trying to drive you into action are everywhere. Whether it’s weight loss, fitness, entrepreneurship, or saving the world, it’s all about getting fired up to go and do the thing. That kick-start is important to start moving, but motivation isn’t really what

Knives for self defense

Knives are a popular suggestion for women’s self defense. They are often recommended because they’re relatively small and light, easy to carry, and apparently simple to use. A girl with a pocket knife doesn’t raise any eyebrows and it’s the rare woman who hasn’t felt safer at some point in her life because she had

To have heart, we must be able; to be able, we must have heart

This past weekend, I trained with Craig Douglas / Shivworks once again. I had professional reasons for going (you’ll see the results on InRange TV), but the heart of training like this always has a heavy personal component too. While it’s especially true of Extreme Close Quarters Concepts, ECQC, where I was, it’s also true

To survive the unsurvivable, do this

August ended up being a lot of Brazilian jiu-jitsu for me. Schedules and events conspired to allow me to put in some extra time on the mat, and I was reminded of a couple important lessons from BJJ that are applicable not just to sparring in the gym for sport, but to fighting for your

Back to school time!

We’re just about at the tail end of summer here. August is nearly over, and September brings with it a shift in the air, a change of seasons. For many of us, fall means a new school year, whether for ourselves, our families, or our remembered childhoods. Although it is nearing the traditional end of

Moving like an athlete: It’s for you too

We’ve talked about fitness before, and why it’s so important. This past weekend, I was reminded of another aspect that many of us overlook, especially when we live what we perceive as “regular” lives. I spent a couple days with Brandon Powers in his Peak Performance class out of Fireline Training Center (and hosted by

Vocabulary is important

Whenever you are entering a new field, a new world, a new hobby, a new interest, it matters that you learn the words that people already there use, and learn how to use them as they do. I know it can seem confusing and overwhelming, to have to learn an entire new language on top

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