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To do or not to do: that is the question

How do you decide something is worth doing? One of my followers asked me about deciding whether or not they should get a motorcycle, but …

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Boundaries 101

At its core, self defense is really about establishing and enforcing boundaries on your life. It’s deciding what someone can and can’t do with your …

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Step 4: Profit!!

This past weekend, I spent two days with John Hearne of Two Pillars Training. Advertised as separate classes, Saturday was all about examining the characteristics …

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Moving out, moving up: advice for a new girl in a new city

When I think about OHO, there are many types of women I think about. It’s hard to tell folks who OHO is for, because of …

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Folding knives for self-defense [updated February 2023]

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Popularity sells, but at what cost?

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Budgeting for the holiday season

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