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“Proident earum, luctus autem, class impedit nostrud pariatur, perferendis eiusmod minima perferendis, itaque recusandae eligendi facilisis metus fermentum. In aliqua distinctio laboris pede explicabo corrupti exercitation quas!”

- Jane Smith

Personal Coach

How to spot technology-based scams

Usually when we think about bad guys hitting us where it hurts, we’re thinking of physical attacks. Our bodies aren’t the only place where they can injure us in ways that will affect our physical well-being, though. As a reader recently reminded me, and as I’m sure many of us have been thinking about as

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Talisman or tool against danger: how do you tell?

Everyday carry, EDC, is exactly what it sounds like: the things you bring with you wherever you go, whenever you go. It’s not exclusive to the gun world but includes at least one tool that’s intended for self-defense. The photos are often presented without context, as an artfully arranged collection of items laid out on

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How to tell if someone is a good guy or a bad guy

You may have seen that I’ve been posting short “lessons learned” drawn directly from news snippets that I run across on a regular basis. They’re real-world illustrations of the topics I discuss at length here at OHO, meant to give you short and simple reminders to help you stay safe every day. Often, you’ll see

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Sewing up another life skill

Welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a great long weekend and are settling comfortably back into regular life. As I was catching up on long-neglected chores around the house over my couple of free days, I realized there was one area we haven’t talked about here, at least not in a while. It started

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But we are not less

Independence Day is a special day, here at On Her Own. While you may be here for a whole host of reasons, the core of OHO has always been finding ways to survive and thrive as women who are independent from the normal relationships society assumes for us. Whether by choice or by circumstance, for

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How to get through crowds

We’re coming up on a holiday weekend, the kind of holiday that finds many of us at parades, at the beach, at fireworks displays, in crowds of all sorts. Settings like that can be exhilarating and fun, as you get swept up in the excitement and wonder of the folks around you. They can be

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