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A place for the woman who has herself together and is just messy around the edges AND the woman who aspires to be that woman

“Proident earum, luctus autem, class impedit nostrud pariatur, perferendis eiusmod minima perferendis, itaque recusandae eligendi facilisis metus fermentum. In aliqua distinctio laboris pede explicabo corrupti exercitation quas!”

- Jane Smith

Personal Coach

An invitation to crime

Victim blaming is problematic. It places the burden and the blame of a crime on the person against who it was committed, and excuses the perpetrator as someone merely subject to the pull of temptation. It allows us to ignore the fact that people have choices about whether or not they do bad things to

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When you hate your selfies, do this

When I work out, I occasionally take video. It helps me see what I’m doing, document my performance, and show it to the folks who help train me and encourage my training. The downside comes when I actually watch that video myself. All I can see are the misses in my form, how much more

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Like riding a bicycle

All of us have some hobby, some past-time, some activity that we once really enjoyed. We liked to read, we enjoyed crafting or making things, we ran, we played sports, we rode motorcycles, we played musical instruments, we gardened, we painted, we cooked and baked. And at some point in our lives, we let them

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Practicing gratitude

It’s been a week, here at On Her Own central. Several members of my communities have experienced severe accidents or have unexpectedly and suddenly died. My cat, Tuna, had surgery (she’s fine). Therapy is touching on challenging topics. There have been some minor human health issues in my house. I’ve had difficult and frustrating customer

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In the wake of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is difficult to write about. It’s the war, or perhaps more accurately the military conflict, of my generation. People like me, Americans in our late 30s and early 40s, watched our older siblings march off to Desert Storm and the Gulf War. When 9/11 happened, and the declaration of the War on Terror, I

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Retail therapy!

Retail therapy is definitely a thing. There’s a dopamine hit from shopping that more than a few of us seek out when we’re feeling stressed in one way or another. With online stores, we even have the pleasure of opening gifts to ourselves a day or a week later. The problem, of course, comes when

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