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“Proident earum, luctus autem, class impedit nostrud pariatur, perferendis eiusmod minima perferendis, itaque recusandae eligendi facilisis metus fermentum. In aliqua distinctio laboris pede explicabo corrupti exercitation quas!”

- Jane Smith

Personal Coach

Knives for self defense

Knives are a popular suggestion for women’s self defense. They are often recommended because they’re relatively small and light, easy to carry, and apparently simple to use. A girl with a pocket knife doesn’t raise any eyebrows and it’s the rare woman who hasn’t felt safer at some point in her life because she had

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To have heart, we must be able; to be able, we must have heart

This past weekend, I trained with Craig Douglas / Shivworks once again. I had professional reasons for going (you’ll see the results on InRange TV), but the heart of training like this always has a heavy personal component too. While it’s especially true of Extreme Close Quarters Concepts, ECQC, where I was, it’s also true

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When the day comes again

I wasn’t going to write about it. It’s a tough topic, albeit one that has defined my generation. Like most every American of a certain age, I have vivid memories of where I was and what I was doing when I heard, and have spent my entire adult life since watching the aftermath. Just a

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Think Again

Over the weekend, I read a book that I’m really excited to share with you and recommend that you read. Normally, the non-just-for-fun books I read have some interesting snippets at best, or are just cover some generally interesting topic. It’s rare to find a book that not only teaches me something new, but does

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After the storm

So how ‘bout that rain this week? A good chunk of the United States was hit by Hurricane Ida, causing enormous amounts of wind and water damage not just where it made landfall in Louisiana, but even over a thousand miles away in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Thousands of people, more, are picking up the

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To survive the unsurvivable, do this

August ended up being a lot of Brazilian jiu-jitsu for me. Schedules and events conspired to allow me to put in some extra time on the mat, and I was reminded of a couple important lessons from BJJ that are applicable not just to sparring in the gym for sport, but to fighting for your

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