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“Proident earum, luctus autem, class impedit nostrud pariatur, perferendis eiusmod minima perferendis, itaque recusandae eligendi facilisis metus fermentum. In aliqua distinctio laboris pede explicabo corrupti exercitation quas!”

- Jane Smith

Personal Coach

Safe haven for your baby

Variations on the story have shown up several times over the past weeks: an infant is found abandoned in the street, outside a fire station, in a dumpster. In the most publicized case, the mother left a note begging for help for her child, and confessing to her financial inability to care for the baby.

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Who else needs to worry when an ex goes crazy?

Crazy ex-partners. Sometimes, they suffer with inward-directed sadness and depression, hard to watch but generally harmless. Other times, they begin to turn insistent, even violent. Texts and phone calls that won’t end are one thing, but it gets much scarier when the ex starts showing up unexpectedly or starts making threats. They might want to

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The new viral crime trend: AirTags

Tracking devices like the Apple AirTag have gotten increasing attention recently, as a tool used by malicious actors to track unsuspecting victims. It’s not the first device able to do what it does – there are Tiles and other similar products out there. Nevertheless, anecdotal reports and news stories abound, with breathless tales of an

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Self-care: the little things

I have a confession to make. Maybe you can identify. My self-care is taking a hit. I’m not talking about the big things like working out or going to therapy, and I’m not talking about the indulgences we call self-care but don’t really address our true needs or future selves. I’m talking about the little

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Three things to do before you’re stuck in a hospital

How many of us know someone who has been become so ill or injured that they ended up in the hospital for weeks or months, on perhaps no more notice than a few days? With COVID, more folks have become aware of the possibility this could happen close to home, but that’s not the only

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Fire safety basics for your home

A fire swept through a converted rowhouse in Philadelphia on Wednesday. A dozen people died, more than half of them children. It’s one of the worst residential fires in living memory, both in Philadelphia and across the United States. We don’t yet know exactly why or how, and with this fresh of a tragedy, that

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