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Independence Day

Here in the United States, we are celebrating the Fourth of July this weekend. It’s the anniversary of the day the American colonies declared that …

Life Skills

And we shall know them by how they react

This meme is about feminism and misogyny; this post is not. Instead, I want to talk about the idea of looking at how someone reacts …


Easy money come, easy money go

Last month, we met SW from ND when they shared a number of safety tips learned from their sex work career but relevant to any …


Modern life; modern boundaries

Less than fifteen years ago, the iPhone took the world by a storm as one of the first smart phones to hit the market. It’s …

Personal Safety

Safe dating; safe sex – learning from an expert

One of the amazing things about On Her Own is the opportunity to meet women from all walks of life, with all sorts of backgrounds …

Health & Fitness

Therapy: Yes, it’s for you too

Protecting and taking care of yourself doesn’t encompass just the immediate physical concerns that can impact your safety. Before and after those events, there’s another …

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Site news and updates

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Budgeting for the holiday season

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