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“Proident earum, luctus autem, class impedit nostrud pariatur, perferendis eiusmod minima perferendis, itaque recusandae eligendi facilisis metus fermentum. In aliqua distinctio laboris pede explicabo corrupti exercitation quas!”

- Jane Smith

Personal Coach

Bonus time!

For some of us who are gainfully employed and paid biweekly, it’s a three-paycheck month instead of the usual two. Others of us here in the US might be expecting an income tax refund soon. Hopefully, all of us have had the experience of a little income that we didn’t plan for as part of

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Safety from without and within

A year ago this week, I published an editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer that explored how who I am can contribute to my vulnerability to violence and unpleasantness. It’s disturbing to realize that bad things can happen to people who are like us in some way, to us, but it’s even more disturbing when we

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Training facility amenities: why they matter

Self-defense skills can be challenging to learn. They can be emotionally complex to process and physically difficult to master. We’ve talked here before about ensuring that the people you’re surrounding yourself with in training will help your efforts, and making the effort to use equipment that you don’t have to struggle against. There’s another piece

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Subway active shooter: what you can do

The news cycle moves fast, but one of the big ones this week was the mass shooting in the NYC subway system a few days ago. It was a worst-case scenario in many ways: a busy commute time, a crowded subway car en route between stations, smoke bombs affecting visibility, and a gunman spraying bullets

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“But it works for me!”

You’ve all seen at least one person who dismisses criticism of a technique or a piece of equipment because “it works for me.” Some of you, even me, have been that person. In an age when lived experience is an important part of truth, it’s not surprising to run into the position that the individual

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Getting back into motorcycle season

We’re suffering a mostly chilly and wet spring here in the Philadelphia region, and it’s making me itch for warmer weather so I can get back out on my motorcycles for some real trips. Those of you who have been following OHO for a while now (thanks!) know that I only learned how to ride

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