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Adventure inbound: waterfowl hunt!

In ten days, I’m going on an adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you! Beretta has invited me to Hunt Like A Girl with a fantastic team they’ve put together in partnership with Shoot Like A Girl. Even though I’ve been a gun owner and a shooter for fifteen years, I’ve only

Safe spaces and why you need them

The idea of a “safe space” has been much maligned over the years, but I’m not so sure that it deserves all of the badmouthing it gets. In fact, I think that not only should safe spaces of a kind be respected and appreciated, we all should make sure we have at least one. Stay

Artistry and mastery

Artistry and mastery come in many forms. Most of us know what fine art looks like, and high-end craftsmanship. We recognize the skill and talent required to be internationally competitive in, say, Olympic sports. We enjoy good cooking and fancy pastry. But there ones that are easily overlooked too, and they’re just as important. Seeing

The grind

Learning a new skill is often inspiring because early improvements come in leaps and bounds. Going from zero to some level of competency may take some work, but the rewards of that initial investment often come relatively quickly. It’s not so much picking up the basics that is usually challenging so much as getting to

Dedication > Motivation

Motivation is a popular topic for inspirational social media posts. Quotes and memes trying to drive you into action are everywhere. Whether it’s weight loss, fitness, entrepreneurship, or saving the world, it’s all about getting fired up to go and do the thing. That kick-start is important to start moving, but motivation isn’t really what

Who are you?

For many of us, we can get into a rut of thinking ourselves as one person, one role. We identify by who we are in one area of our lives and sometimes forget who else we might be. It happens because we get busy, overwhelmed even, and lose the room to think and be someone

When the day comes again

I wasn’t going to write about it. It’s a tough topic, albeit one that has defined my generation. Like most every American of a certain age, I have vivid memories of where I was and what I was doing when I heard, and have spent my entire adult life since watching the aftermath. Just a

Think Again

Over the weekend, I read a book that I’m really excited to share with you and recommend that you read. Normally, the non-just-for-fun books I read have some interesting snippets at best, or are just cover some generally interesting topic. It’s rare to find a book that not only teaches me something new, but does

After the storm

So how ‘bout that rain this week? A good chunk of the United States was hit by Hurricane Ida, causing enormous amounts of wind and water damage not just where it made landfall in Louisiana, but even over a thousand miles away in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Thousands of people, more, are picking up the

Like riding a bicycle

All of us have some hobby, some past-time, some activity that we once really enjoyed. We liked to read, we enjoyed crafting or making things, we ran, we played sports, we rode motorcycles, we played musical instruments, we gardened, we painted, we cooked and baked. And at some point in our lives, we let them

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