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Self-Defense Resource Center

Welcome to On Her Own’s Self-Defense Resource Center! Below, I have collected a wide variety of video and written educational content to help you and your loved ones be safer. If you have limited time, start at the top for basic information about one of my favorite self-defense tools, pepper spray. Keep scrolling down if you’d like more strategies to protect yourself from bad guys. This Resource Center will be updated regularly, so come back to review and learn more.

Pepper Spray 101

Pepper Spray 201

General Self-Defense Topics 101

Mentally Preparing to Defend Yourself (gun-specific, but applies to all forms of self-defense)
How To Deal with Strangers Approaching You (Managing Unknown Contacts / “MUC”)

Additional Reading

General Self-Defense Topics 201

How To Survive a Sucker Punch (Any Sudden Hit) With the MUC “Default Position”
How To Survive After Being Knocked to the Ground

Additional Reading

Other Self-Defense Tools 101