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Safe sexting [updated July 2022]

One of the keys to thriving on your own is to be willing to continually revisit and update your knowledge and skills. Just because you learned them once doesn’t mean you remember them now, or that there aren’t newer and better ways of thinking and doing. While we go back to some of the same

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The world as it is

Much ink and many pixels have been spilled over the trickle of information that’s been coming out about the police response at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. Many have talked about the concept that nobody is coming to save you; you are on your own to defend yourself. That is true, but before we can

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Talisman or tool against danger: how do you tell?

Everyday carry, EDC, is exactly what it sounds like: the things you bring with you wherever you go, whenever you go. It’s not exclusive to the gun world but includes at least one tool that’s intended for self-defense. The photos are often presented without context, as an artfully arranged collection of items laid out on

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How to tell if someone is a good guy or a bad guy

You may have seen that I’ve been posting short “lessons learned” drawn directly from news snippets that I run across on a regular basis. They’re real-world illustrations of the topics I discuss at length here at OHO, meant to give you short and simple reminders to help you stay safe every day. Often, you’ll see

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How to get through crowds

We’re coming up on a holiday weekend, the kind of holiday that finds many of us at parades, at the beach, at fireworks displays, in crowds of all sorts. Settings like that can be exhilarating and fun, as you get swept up in the excitement and wonder of the folks around you. They can be

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Is something better than nothing for self-defense?

Hey y’all – Apparently, wasp spray is a passionate topic for many of you, based on the response to Wednesday’s post. If you’re new around here because of it, welcome and I hope you stick around! There’s a particular point I mentioned in that post that I want to dig into a little bit more

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Travel safety: hotel and vacation rental edition

We talk about travel a lot because it’s fun and it’s scary. We know that transiting between places is where dangers lie, and the strategies that can keep us safe on long journeys also apply to the shorter ones we take from day to day. We haven’t talked as much at OHO about the part

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What’s in your mail?

The other day, I got a invoice via text message, and started ranting about it not coming via email and wondering why it hadn’t come through the app I have installed for that business. It was really a matter of convenience and wanting it to go somewhere I would remember it when I had a

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How to perform a root cause analysis, and why

When something, anything, bad happens, it’s easy to attribute it to the most obvious and direct cause. A car crash because someone ran a red light. A skinned knee because you fell. A broken window because a kid threw a ball. Addressing those causes can be a quick fix. Punish the driver who ran the

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Summer safety tips

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US, and in spite of – or maybe because of – all of the terrible things happening in the world right now, it’s a time when I hope many of you will be able to get away from real life for a little bit to disconnect from the

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